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Johannes-Maria-Pokorny - Things Could Be Better, VoI. 1 - Romantische und gefühlvolle Klaviermusik

For the first time, the Viennese artist Johannes Maria Pokorny presents his debut CD “Things Could be Better, Vol. 1” – Two more with the same title are said to follow.

His romantic piano music is wonderfully relaxing and calming. It is the perfect background music for a romantic evening or a dinner for two, but also for deliberate listening on your own, for example at home or outside, surrounded by nature.

This CD is available for the first time and includes a selection of his own compositions, performed with exquisite sensitivity. His music seems somehow familiar, it is inspiring and is reminiscent of the great romantics of the classic era, like Chopin or Liszt. Others are reminded by it of Debussy, and some even go as far as likening it to contemporary artists like Keith Jarrett.

One is therefore quite justified to classify his music not just as New Age, but also as popular classical style. And at times it even conveys to the listener a slight hint of film music.

When the CD was made, special attention was paid to ensure that the product feels more valuable than just a simple music CD off the shelf. For example, a few extra cents were invested in a more stable CD case with rounded edges, the so-called Super Jewel Case, so that the product looks more valuable.

The CD has a playing time of approx. 34.08 minutes and consists of a total of 8 tracks. The price of the CD is only € 9.90. It is also available for download at iTunes, Amazon and 300 other online stores for about € 7.92.


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